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Get search volumes for hundreds of keywords with a single request.

Get exact search volumes, trends, PPC and CPC metrics for hundreds of keywords with a single request. Try the bulk import in KWFinder.

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1. Import keywords in bulk

Sometimes you don’t need to find new keywords, right? Analyzing your own keyword list and getting all the metrics for them is easy thanks to the KWFinder import feature. You will get there by clicking on the “Import” in the top-left menu in the app.

Depending on your plan, you can import up to 700 keywords 1200 times a day, which makes 840,000 keywords in total!

Here are the numbers for each subscription plan:

  • Basic user: Up to 200 keywords 100-times a day = 20,000 keywords
  • Premium user: Up to 700 keywords 500-times a day = 350,000 keywords
  • Agency user: Up to 700 keywords 1,200-times a day = 840,000 keywords
    Screenshot of keyword import

    2. How to import the keyword list

    You can import the keywords in multiple ways by:

    • Writing them in the input form (hit “Enter” after each)
    • Pasting them from elsewhere
    • Uploading a TXT or CSV file
    • Doing drag and drop

      Likewise, there’s no problem if you paste or write down the keywords, then add others as a TXT file or if you combine any of the ways.

      3. Doing local SEO? Let’s get metrics for specific locations

      Select the location you want to get metrics for and then click on the “Import to KWFinder”.

      The whole import is counted as 1 keyword and SERP request (lookup). What’s more, you will get exact search volumes, CPC and PPC values and keyword difficulties for all the previously cached keywords.

      Choose location when importing your keywords

      4. Further actions you can do after you import keywords

      Once you're done with the basic analysis in the left table, there are many ways to continue:

      • Export the keywords with metrics
      • Save them to a keyword list
      • Get the keyword difficulty score
      • Analyze the Google search results
      Keyword list imported to KWFinder

      Don't forget to explore hundreds of search terms related to your imported keywords by clicking on the arrow button next to the “Trend” chart in each keyword row.

      Track your keyword rankings!

      Once you are done with the keyword research, you can start tracking how well you rank for these keywords in SERPWatcher. The tool is included in the Mangools SEO tools package.

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