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Aleyda Solis

KWfinder is one of my go-to tools to easily identify keyword opportunities to target.

With the additional benefit of having all the metrics in one place to easily filter the best ones, it really facilitates the keyword research process.

Brian Jackson

KWFinder has become a crucial part of my toolset which I use every day.

It has allowed me to strategically grow my organic traffic from 5,000 visitors a month to over 45,000 a month by doing keyword research for each post.

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Tung Tran

It’s a really good choice for a few reasons: it’s cloud based, it’s super fast and easy to use.

It also has a keyword difficulty score, it’s very affordable.

Rob Marvin

KWFinder earns its reputation as one of the best SEO tools out there for doing long-tail keyword research.

KWFinder can also identify targeted results where you can carve out a valuable page ranking for the long haul.

Rosy Jafili

I'm someone who enjoys blogging and Mangools makes SEO easier to understand.

Thank you for a great product and for keeping your price point affordable for those of us who don't "make money" from blogging.

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