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How can I upgrade my subscription?

Select the desired subscription plan from Plans & Pricing and click on the “Upgrade now” button. Depending on your current plan and its prepaid period, you'll only pay the prorated amount in the first payment for the new plan.

How can I pay for Mangools subscription?

You can pay by credit/debit card, send money via Bank Transfer or even by Cryptocurrency.

Is it possible to pay monthly?

Yes, we have both annual and monthly plans. Don't forget that you can save up to 35% by subscribing to the annual plan when compared to the plan paid monthly!

You can choose the monthly option by clicking on the “Monthly” button on the left side of our  pricing.

Do you offer any money back guarantee?

Yes! We have a 48-hour refund policy. To claim the refund please contact us at or via live chat.

How can I disable auto-renewal?

If you decide to stop the recurring payment, visit the Active plan section in the dashboard menu and click on “disable” in the Auto-Renewal row. Please submit the request before the current prepaid period ends. Your plan will remain active until the end of the current prepaid period.

Can I turn the auto-renewal back on?

Yes, you can turn the auto-renewal on in the Active plan section in the dashboard menu. Click on “enable” in the Auto-Renewal row. You can re-enable your auto renewal up to the last minute for credit/debit card payments. If you missed anyway, contact us at or via live chat.

Does Mangools provide any discount?

We may offer special discounts on Black Friday and Cyber Monday or other occasions during the year. Moreover, you might get a special time-limited early-bird discount one hour after the registration. Find out more about Mangools discounts and coupon codes.

Can I have an invoice after I subscribe?

Sure, you'll find all your invoices in the Invoices section (in the dashboard) after you subscribe.

Can I purchase only KWFinder?

No, we don’t sell our tools separately. All our tools are included in all our subscription plans. In fact, our tools can’t work without each other and are heavily interconnected. For example, running a KWFinder without SERPChecker doesn’t make any sense, because Keyword Difficulty metric is based on data from our SERPChecker module.

Is your free plan really completely free? Isn't there some kind of gimmick?

There's absolutely no trick or gimmick behind it! Our Free plan is completely free, and we don’t require a credit card to activate it. The decision to subscribe to one of our paid plans is entirely up to you.

When will be my limits refreshed?

Limits are refreshed every 24 hours. This period starts counting after you submit your first request. Once the limit is reset, the counter waits for your next "first" request to start the 24-hour countdown again.

To find out the current status of your limits, click on your Avatar/Icon in the top-right corner in any of our apps. You can also find the information in the dashboard.

You'll find the information in your Mangools account in the Available resources section.

What does one keyword lookup and one SERP lookup mean?

One keyword lookup counts each time you type a keyword, domain or URL in the main search input area and hit the green search button.

Importing your own list of keywords (using our import feature in KWFinder) counts as one keyword lookup.

Clicking on a keyword from “Suggestions” in order to generate a real-time SEO difficulty score (KD) counts as one SERP lookup (as a new SERP together with metrics for all websites rankings in it have to be fetched).

One SERP lookup counts every time the SERPChecker panel (right side of KWFinder, or the SERPChecker app) loads, e.g., when you analyze a keyword in SERPChecker or click on a keyword on the left side of KWFinder. The exception are recently cached requests, which are not counted against your lookup limit.

GENERAL I can't see the search volume data for recent months, why?

We usually have the data with a one-month lag. It takes a while for our data providers to process the vast amount of data, so they usually release it a month later (e.g. it’s normal to see latest search volumes from March in July).

GENERAL I have found an outdated search volume for a keyword (e.g. a year old), why?

In some rare cases, our data provider no longer provides data for your specific keyword (this usually happens for sensitive topic keywords). In that case, we show you the latest data we have in our database.

GENERAL My CSV exports aren't readable in Excel, why?

Instead of opening the file, use the “Import” feature in excel. In the import options, set the character encoding to “UTF-8” and “comma” as the delimiter. Alternatively, you can open the file in OpenOffice Calc or Google Sheets.

GENERAL Can I create a sub-user?

Yes, you can create sub-users. Extra seats for sub-users are included in the Premium plan or higher and all sub-users share the limits of the parent account. See our Plans & pricing for more details.

GENERAL Do you support “simultaneous logins”?

We support “simultaneous logins” for two devices in the Premium and Agency plans. This feature allows the user to work seamlessly from a computer or mobile device without being logged out.

KWFinder Why am I getting an error while using the “Autocomplete” or “Questions” feature in KWFinder?

This can happen sometimes as both features are based on Google's terms & conditions. This is something we cannot influence because Google blocked your IP temporarily because of too many requests. A few minute wait is usually all it takes. Feel free to use the Suggestions and Search by domain features in the meantime.

KWFinder What is the keyword difficulty (KD) and how is it calculated?

The Keyword difficulty is our own SEO metric for estimating how difficult it is to rank on the first SERP for a specific keyword. The higher the value, the more difficult it is to outrank your competitors in Google. Check out this blog post for more detailed information about KD.

KWFinder Where do KWFinder data come from?

To keep the data fresh and relevant as much as possible, we use multiple data providers alongside our own know-how and processing. Find out more about our data sources here.

KWFinder What does N/A in the left KWFinder panel mean?

If there is N/A under “Search”, “CPC”, or “PPC” columns, it means that there isn't enough data to display the value. This is usually caused by very low or zero search volume of the selected keyword.

KWFinder What does PPC column in KWFinder represent?

It shows a pay-per-click competition level as reported by Google Ads on a scale from 0 to 100. The higher the number, the higher the competition (number of bidders) for that keyword.

KWFinder In the search by domain feature, the position in the left table doesn’t match the position on the right, why is that?

The value on the left side of KWFinder is a position from when we last checked the SERP for that keyword as part of our “search by domain” database - the estimated visits and ordering of keywords is based on this position. The position on the right side of KWFinder is a fresh one, it shows you a current SERP for your keyword and location settings.

KWFinder Can’t find my country in the list of locations in the “search by keyword” feature in KWFinder, why?

Just start typing into the field, it’s a search field which also displays a list of the most popular locations!

KWFinder What are the currently supported countries for the “search by domain” feature?

We currently support these countries: Australia, Austria, Canada, Germany, France, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Russia, Spain, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States.

LinkMiner Why is the number of backlinks reported by Linkminer lower than what I can load by clicking on the “Load more” button?

The total backlinks count is based on the data from Majestic, based on their Fresh Index. For the list of backlinks, we are merging both Fresh and Historical Majestic index, to provide you with the most up to date and comprehensive backlink data.

LinkMiner Why is a link in LinkMiner marked as deleted, I can still see it on the page?

Sometimes the page changes a bit, and the bot crawling the web believes the original link was deleted, and a new one created. In that case, just ignore the “DEL” label.

LinkMiner A backlink I know exists is missing from LinkMiner, why?

If you compare different backlink tools, you’ll always get some that are missing from the other one, and some, which are unique to each tool. Backlink scrapers are trying to scrape as much backlinks as possible. They follow links from one page to another, and cover a big portion of the websites in the world this way. The problem is, that it’s extremely resource intensive. Therefore the bots have to prioritize - pages with more backlinks (more popular pages) get scraped more frequently. If you have a backlink from a blog post which has zero backlinks itself - that backlink might not get found by a backlink tool. In fact, even Google might not find or index that link!

LinkMiner What is considered a “new” link in LinkMiner?

New links are links which were discovered in the past 90 days.

SERPWatcher Does a featured snippet count as a position in SERPWatcher?

Yes, we count featured snippet as a regular 1st position in SERPWatcher (this is not the case in SERPChecker).

SERPWatcher Do mobile and desktop trackings count as one?

Each tracking is separate. If you want to track one keyword for one domain for both desktop and mobile, it will count as two tracked keywords.

Can I become your affiliate partner?

Yes. All you need to do is to sign up and start using your unique tracking code. You'll find further information in the Affiliate section.

Do you provide an API access?

Yes, we can provide you SERPWatcher API access. We also have separate API plans for KWFinder and SERPChecker (not part of our ordinary subscription plans). You’ll find more information in the Mangools API section.

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