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Explore local rankings in different regions

Our free SERP location changer allows you to use Google Search from different places around the world and see local search results, SERP features, and ads for any search query you enter.

Google often personalizes search results according to your current location and the IP address of the device you are using.

Therefore, different users may see completely different SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) for the same keyword, depending on the locations from which they are searching.

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With our Google Location Changer tool, you can always compare SERPs for multiple locations to better understand the search intent behind the keyword, check your website's rankings, or simply see what kind of search results are currently displayed at the top in a specific region.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Google Location Changer?

Google Location Changer is a free online tool developed by Mangools that allows users to see and compare local SERPs for any keyword in various locations around the world.

2. Do Google search results change by location?

Yes, Google personalizes search results based on the user's current location, preferences, and search history.

Therefore, 2 different users might see 2 completely different SERPs for the same keyword, depending on their location.

3. Why is local SERP analysis important for SEO?

SERP analysis can help you better understand the search intent behind the query and identify the key elements in the local search engine result page.

With tools like Google Location Changer and SERPChecker, you will be able to get a better overview of local ranking pages, improve the on-page SEO on your website, and ensure that it will be properly displayed and ranked in local SERPs and for brand keywords.

4. How to search Google from a different location?

You can use our free SERP location changer to check local search results for any keyword in more than 52,000 locations around the world.

Alternatively, you can manually change your location for Google Search in your browser settings or by using VPN services. For more information, make sure to check out our article about changing location on Google.