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We are Mangools

We're online enthusiasts doing what we love. From ideas, design, and development to marketing and customer support, it's all about passion. Besides working hard every single day, we are mastering our foosball skills. 😁

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Meet the "Mangoolers"

Loving the job. Every day.

Photo of Peter Hrbacik

Peter Hrbáčik

Founder and CEO

If at first you don't succeed; call it version 1.0

Photo of Frantisek Vrab

František Vráb

UI/UX designer

Things are not only #000000 and #FFFFFF.

Photo of Martin Toma

Martin Toma

CTO & Lead Engineer

Fast, Good, Cheap.
Pick two.

Photo of Vanessa O Piccone

Vanessa Piccone

Customer support

A smile is a curve that sets things straight.

Photo of Lukas Sekerak

Lukáš Sekerák

Backend developer

It was working, yesterday... Trust me.

The journey is the destination

August 2014

The journey begins

Peter, our founder and CEO, launches the first version of KWFinder after weeks of thinking and development.

September 2015

Two is more than one

Frankie, our designer and web developer, joins the company. We are fully focused on KWFinder now.

November 2015

Here we go, team!

Martin, our lead developer, joins the team. Infrastructure upgrades and improved UI are on their way.

March 2016

KWFinder 2.0 is born

Great news! Improved data delivery, new metrics, and localised results are online. More and more customers get on board.

April 2016

New tools, new challenges

It’s time to offer more. This is when SERPChecker starts shaping.

May 2016

Mangools, welcome!

Mangools becomes a brand! The managing hub for all our tools is finally here.

August 2016

Let’s get digital

Maros, our online marketing guru, joins Mangools. Let’s become online in the world of marketing.

September 2016

Bratislava, our new home

We know we need to expand and hire more people in the near future, so new office in the heart of Bratislava is open.

July 2017

Welcome to the family, SERPWatcher

Based on your feedback, after a couple of months of development we have realeased SERPWatcher, a rank tracking tool.

January 2018

Backlink tool in the package

At the beginning of the year we released a brand new backlink checker tool, LinkMiner.

September 2018

SiteProfiler becomes the 5th tool

We have added the 5th tool to the package - the missing piece - SiteProfiler. Various improvements and new features for all the tools are on the horizon.

October 2018

SEO browser extension

To speed up your SEO routine, we have released our first ever SEO extension for Chrome and Firefox.

May 2019

Competitors data & refreshed look (KWFinder 3.0)

After months of hard work, we are excited to introduce competitor-based data. The whole design of Mangools including the logo deserved a brand new look to better communicate our philosophy, core values and data credibility.

January 2020

Focus on data accuracy and new features!

With billions of data sets, we decided to improve their quality and accuracy instead of working on new tools. What’s more, we regularly add new features to the tools to improve the overall value of the Mangools SEO package. We started publishing the updates in our product blog section.

... and here we are