competitor-based keyword research

Introducing competitor-based keyword research

Welcome to the new era of Mangools SEO tools!

We are launching competitor-based keyword research in KWFinder. Now you can see what your competitors rank for just by typing their domain.


What’s more, all the tools in the package will get a boost thanks to the new data in the following months.

As the icing on the cake, we are redesigning the whole package!


  1. We’ve launched competitor-based keyword research in KWFinder.
  2. Version 1.0 is based on 120 million keywords in 18 locations.
  3. KWFinder is now redesigned, all the other tools will follow.
  4. Get ready for some cool new features in the coming months.

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The missing piece of the puzzle

Competitor-based keyword research was one of our most important tasks and probably the most frequent term written on our whiteboard in the last couple of months (our Trello board is so full even our grandchildren would have a lot to do).

Many of our users were asking about this feature and reviews mentioned this was the only missing core functionality of the tool.

Now those days are gone!

So what’s new?

Just enter the domain or URL of your competitor and let the magic happen! The keywords they rank for will show up in a well-known two column design with exact and historical search volumes, search trends, keyword difficulty, SERP analysis and a couple of new metrics.

screenshot from KWFinder 2019

You can see both organic and paid keywords the competitor appears for in the first SERP. The highest positions and the estimated traffic per month for each keyword are included in the left table.

Quick tip:

We have updated the KWFinder guide! Find out how to use the new feature and metrics.

Mangools competitive keyword research in numbers

We have launched version 1.0 based on the following data:

  • 120 million keywords and SERPs
  • 10 million domains
  • 18 locations

What’s the background?

We spent the last couple of months by:

  1. Digging in the database of more than 1,6 billion keywords.
  2. Deciding about the extent of data to be included in version 1.0.
  3. Creating the backend infrastructure.
  4. Designing the feature in KWFinder UI.
  5. Exploring possibilities to use the data in our other tools, mainly in SiteProfiler, SERPWatcher and the browser extension.
  6. Fixing hundreds of bugs and data processing errors.
  7. Re-running hundreds of failed backend jobs (our developer Lukas can finally sleep well 😜)

Future plans

First of all, we want every single person out there to try this feature and work with the new data and metrics. Feel free to help us spread the word by sharing this article, I bet there are many people who would like to try the new feature 🙂 It makes Mangools a great alternative to SEMrush or Ahrefs.

From the short-term point of view, we plan to integrate the competitor’s data to SiteProfiler, SERPWatcher and our browser SEO extension, which will be followed by the redesign.

When it comes to the data, I mentioned earlier that we are currently working with about 120 million keywords on the 1st SERP in 18 locations. That will most probably grow in the future.

Oh, I almost forgot about one more cool thing! We’ll be more than happy to share aggregated data, comparisons and visualizations, so it looks like the Mangools Insights will get a second breath in the future!