SERP Volatility

Significant changes in Google SERP positions can be caused by Google algorithm updates. SERP volatility index shows how big are these changes day-by-day.

24 May 2024

Everything seems to be okay

Everything is in a normal range. Position changes of some sites are most probably caused by their updates or link profile changes.

24 May 2024

The changes are big

There are changes for many sites. It may be caused by a possible minor algorithm update. Check your positions to see if they're okay.

Desktop vs. mobile volatility

The difference between desktop and mobile SERP volatility displayed day-by-day.

Keywords with unchanged positions (%)

The percentage of keywords which positions remained the same compared to the previous day.

Changes in top positions (%)

The percentage of keywords that left one of the four categories compared to the previous day.

All the data are based on 3,890,530 tracked keywords in SERPWatcher.

SERP volatility influences your website traffic

Changes in SERP move your positions in SERP. They directly influence your organic traffic. In SERPWatcher, you can easily track the positions and their overall progress.

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