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Find new keyword ideas with Google Suggest in KWFinder

Google Suggest finds the best matching phrases to your seed keyword by using the autocomplete and questions algorithm. Get it in KWFinder!

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1. What is Google Suggest and how does it work?

The Google Suggest is an algorithm originally developed by Google to find the best matching phrases to the main seed keyword.

In Google Search, this function provides suggestions for users while they are typing their query to the search form. It either completes the entered keyword or adds additional terms by prepending or appending more letters and words to the original query.

The algorithm creates search predictions based on the following factors:

  • Keywords you are entering to the search form
  • Your search history with relevant keywords
  • The popularity of suggestions, most probably based on Google Trends
  • Your region and language

When you enter the main seed keyword to the search form in KWFinder, we take it and use the Google Suggest algorithm to generate new keyword ideas depending on the selected location and language.

Keep in mind that the ideas are determined by the main seed keyword. Therefore, you may see fewer keywords with lower search volumes when compared to the main keyword source Related keywords. On the other hand, they tend to reach low SEO difficulty so they are easier to rank for.

We have divided this feature into two modes: Autocomplete and Questions.

2. Autocomplete feature: Find popular long tail keywords for your content

When you select this option, KWFinder will take the main seed keyword to prepend and append it with different letters or words.

To do this, click on the “Autocomplete” tab underneath the search form. You can switch between the sources anytime. This will make a new request to Google Autocomplete API. After the keywords are generated, they will appear in the table.


Let’s try to find new ideas for our keyword “homemade coffee” in the United States. There are many relevant keywords with solid search volumes we could easily miss.

Screenshot of autocomplete feature in KWFinder

3. Questions feature: Find question-based keywords for your content

In this case, KWFinder prepends the main seed keyword with question words. It's useful when you plan to optimize your website to answer various questions. We recommend focusing on question keywords when optimizing for featured snippets.

There are many questions waiting to be answered and your website should offer the answer if you aim for a lot of quality organic traffic.

Don’t forget to select the appropriate location, language and then hit the “Find keywords” on the landing page or the “green magnifier” in the app.


Again, we will get a lot of useful question ideas for the keyword “homemade coffee”.

Screenshot of autocomplete feature in KWFinder

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