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Options for advanced backlink analysis

Find fresh or deleted backlinks for new link building opportunities.

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More than 9 trillion backlinks in the database

LinkMiner offers 3 data sources to find backlinks. The “All” generates all backlinks from the indexes while the “New” gives you the freshest data for up to 30 days old links.

The source “Lost” helps you to find deleted backlinks. These represent another great opportunity to replace your competitors.

One vs. multiple backlinks per domain

The one link per domain option is great to get rid of site-wide links or spammy domains so you don’t get lost in backlink profile analysis.

However, if you find an interesting referring domain linking to your competitor, LinkMiner gives you the option to see multiple links per domain to find even more opportunities.

How can I find domains of my competitors?

You can find your competitors' domains or URLs in SERPChecker when analyzing Google SERP or when doing keyword research in KWFinder.

Another great way to find new competitors is to track your keyword positions in SERPWatcher and check the actual Google SERP.

Find the most powerful backlinks

We have more than 9 trillion of backlinks.