August 2022 update: the most requested feature of all times and more

Hi folks!

It’s been quite a while since our last update post. But we have some big news for you!

Besides other great stuff, we have also introduced one of the most requested features of all time.

Can you guess which one it is? Let’s take a look.

1. Up to 10,000 keyword suggestions 🤯

For those of you who simply love to dig into the keywords and search for hidden gems, I believe this is the most valuable feature for you!

In Mangools KWFinder, you can now get up to 10,000 keyword suggestions per one seed keyword.

Just for a comparison to the previous data – it is about 10x more keywords than you could ever get before! 

To be precise, the Premium and Agency plans offered up to 700 keywords per search. Now you can get up to the limit of 10 000 keywords (which we call “Unlimited”).

Having said that, this huge “keyword boost” applies to the seed-keyword suggestions only, not to the “search by domain” keywords.

Oh, and by the way, this change applies to both – new and current customers that have been with us for ages. 💛

Tip: For those of you who are still on the Basic plan (with a maximum of 200 keyword suggestions/search), this is probably the best time to upgrade to the Mangools Premium plan (so you won’t miss any long-tail keyword opportunities)!

2. Checking Keyword Difficulty in bulks

Did you guess it? Yes, checking the Keyword Difficulty (KD) in bulk was one of the most requested features we had here, in Mangools.

Now you can bulk-check as many keywords for their KD as you want (as long as you have “SERP lookup” credits for it 🙂 ).

Simply select keywords you would like to check from the table and click on the “Refresh” button down below.

This will fetch a new SERP and fetch/refresh keyword difficulty.

Tip: I personally recommend using a filter (e.g. for search volume, website position, number of words, etc.) to quickly find all important keywords, mark up the relevant ones from the table, and proceed to the Keyword Difficulty bulk-check.

3. New metric: Website Popularity Rank

On May 1, 2022, Amazon discontinued Alexa Rank (rest in peace ✟) which we were using in our SEO tools for evaluating the popularity of domains.

Since measuring domain popularity is crucial during keyword (or competitor) research, we have introduced a new metric: Website Popularity Rank (WPR).

The metric is based on Tranco list rank is based on the number of unique visitors per month which considers the number of page views per visit.

It basically works the same way as the Alexa Rank – the lower the number, the more popular the website is.

When it comes to our tools, you can see this metric in SERPChecker, LinkMiner, SiteProfiler, and in our browser extension as well!

4. Improved email reports in SERPWatcher

Tracking your ranks is important… Watching over rank changes regularly is necessary.

That’s why we put even more data into the weekly and monthly email ranking reports.

I think you have already spotted these changes in your own reports, but to name them, we have added:

a) Estimated visits change in absolute numbers

b) Current estimated visits for each keyword (and not only change in visits)

c) Tag specific stats

d) Highlights of the week/month

Here we display the best-achieved ranking positions and estimated visits for a given week/month.

This is a bit of a different point of view in comparison to the reports that you have known before – not only you can consider the actual rank now, but the best in the selected period as well.

To put it simply: You won’t miss any strong moments anymore!

5. UX improvements in SERPWatcher

We have also added some small improvements to our rank tracking tool SERPWatcher:

  • Possibility to hide annotation in shared reports – this will allow you to make private annotations in SERPWatcher,
  • More pre-defined time frame options to access the data faster,
  • More options when sharing a report link – you can now select a time frame when sharing a link,
  • Display the estimated visits change per keyword – you can do it by hovering over the numbers in the EV column for each keyword individually.

And just to remind you of one of our older (but not less important) updates: We already detect featured snippets and map packs for rank tracking purposes!

Bonus update: More detailed charts in SiteProfiler

As I mentioned before, we now have a Website Popularity Rank in SiteProfiler instead of the Alexa Rank.

However you can now access the entire history of WPR, the number of referring domains, and the number of Facebook shares for each domain and check the data on a day-by-day basis.

Previously we have displayed a history for only a few weeks with much lower granularity. But now, you can go ahead and play with those data as you like!

That’s the end (for now)

So that’s all for now folks. I hope you liked all of our new updates.

If you still miss anything important for your work, you can suggest or vote for a particular feature on our Mangools suggestion board.

In any case, make sure to always stay tuned for future updates and improvements that we will make.

Until then, see you later 💛

This post was last modified on September 6, 2022 9:39 am

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