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KWFinder is now using Google Autocomplete feature to generate even more unique keywords. Explore new search terms and questions right away. Generate keywords using autocomplete in the latest version of the tool.

What is Google Autocomplete?

The Google Autocomplete or Google Suggest was introduced by the most popular search engine back in 2008. It’s based on a sophisticated algorithm running “behind the scene” while the search query is generated. It’s a combination of many factors, such as popularity, language, region, search history, etc.

How does it work in KWFinder?

We have incorporated this feature into the main search panel both in the KWFinder app and landing page. From now on, you can select how the tool generates results. These are the three options:

  1. Suggestions based on our know-how algorithm
  2. Autocomplete generating additional related keywords
  3. Autocomplete generating questions

1. Suggestions

This is the combination of our keywords database and know-how algorithm. It represents the usual way how the keywords are generated in KWFinder and how our customers perform the research.

2. Autocomplete

When you decide to tweak the research using the Google autocomplete feature, KWFinder will take the main seed keyword to prepend and append it with different letters or words. Consequently, it will generate hundreds of suggested keywords in a couple of seconds.

To do this, click on the “Autocomplete” tab, type the main seed keyword, and select the appropriate language. Once ready, click on the magnifier to get real-time results.

Make sure to select a proper language for the search query in order to get relevant results.

Google autocomplete

Screenshot 1: Google Autocomplete feature in KWFinder.

3. Questions

This option is similar to the previous one. KWFinder will prepend the main seed keyword with question words. It’s handy when it comes to questions in the keyword research.

Click on the “Questions” tab, write down the keyword while selecting the relevant language and click on the magnifier.

Screenshot 2: Using Google Autocomplete to find out questions in KWFinder.

Other small improvements

Furthermore, we are introducing a couple of other KWFinder updates and improvements.

  • improved location selection prioritizing countries and states
  • improved application load times on mobile devices
  • redesigned user panel drop-down menu so its design and functionality are identical to the one on the Mangools website

Have you already tried generating keywords using Autocomplete? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

  • Great addition 🙂 Hope its going to help more to find more profitable keywords.

    • Hello Ariful,
      Thanks a lot for your feedback 🙂 You are right, now you can see more great keywords ideas.

  • I found 10+ new keyword ideas for posts within 20 seconds of using the new autocomplete feature. This is one of the best features yet!

    • Hi Brian. We are very happy to hear you like the feature 🙂

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  • Clark

    Can anyone tell me the best “search” number to use for any given keyword. Some videos say use a high number, some say use a middle-of-the-road number.

    • Hi Clark, thanks for the question.

      There’s hardly something like the best search volume. Generally, more searches should resolve into more visits, but it’s more complicated and it depends on the keyword itself. If it’s a long-tail specific keyword with high search volume, then yes, it’s good. Moreover, you need to consider SEO difficulty and other metrics to determine your ability to fight with competitors optimizing for the same keyword. SERP changes everyday and so do searches for some keywords.