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We have great news for you! Despite last year was outstanding for us, we wanted to come up with another tool. To be honest, it’s been a part of our plans since last autumn.

What is it going to be?

Some of you might know we’ve been working on it. Many of you were even asking for such tool. You helped us to get pumped up to develop a rank tracker!

We’re delighted to say we’re almost in the early beta testing stage of our new tool SERPWatcher! A brand new tool will change your view on keyword position tracking thanks to its unique user interface and metrics.

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How is it going to work?

Our main aim is to implement the innovative design and user-friendly interface known from our tools KWFinder and SERPChecker.

We decided to split the main screen to feature all critical information.

serpwatcher rank tracker mangools

On top of that, we will introduce “Dominance index” on a scale from 0 to 100 and “Estimated visits” metric in an absolute value. These metrics will give you a clear picture whether your rankings are improving or getting worse.

Time-saving rank tracker

Why did we come up with new metrics? We wanted to make sure our rank tracking tool wouldn’t waste your time. This way, you can focus on optimizing instead of spending hours analyzing your website rankings. Thanks to the “Performance index”, you’ll be able to evaluate your tracking project without checking the ranks one by one.

Last but not least, synergy is what we all aim for. SERPWatcher will be integrated with our other tools. When creating a new project, you’ll be able to import existing keyword lists from KWFinder. Moreover, there will be an option to check keyword SEO difficulty and Google SERP of tracked keywords.

Besides the mentioned features, SERPWatcher will bring:

  • daily rankings
  • innovate online reports
  • desktop and mobile segmentation
  • localized results

SERPWatcher will be available for FREE as a part of existing Mangools SEO package for all currently subscribed users and those who subscribe before the tool is released. Present prices of our plans won’t last forever.

Sign up for BETA is closed now.

  • Yugen Rai

    About time! UI looking sleek!

    • Hi Yugen, thanks! We’re looking forward to releasing the tool 🙂

  • Nate

    I wish mangools would look into building a tool to show the ranking keywords of a site (like semrush,Ahrefs).

    I realize this would take a lot of data/servers but this could be a project to look into for the future.

    • Hi Nate,
      SERPWatcher is the tool to do that, it will show the ranks for all tracked keywords and much more. It’s all written in this post 🙂
      Or did you mean something else?

  • Fernanda C Thiesen (fcthiesen)

    Hello there. I just purchased a plan but noticed the beta is not available yet. Any ETA on this? Thank you.

    • Hi Fernanda. You can use KWFinder and SERPChecker now but as soon as SERPWatcher is ready, you’ll automatically get it for free. Beta should be available in May.

  • Hello

    How many keyword can i check on basic plan?


    • Hello,
      It will be 200 tracked keywords.

      • what if we want to opt for more keywords – 200 is not enough in any case. How about Premium plan can get how many keywords?

        • Hello, with Premium it will be 700 keywords. The limits will be maybe updated, or there will be an option for a custom plan, we’ll see before we publish the tool. Feel free to contact us then, we’ll be happy to assist.