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KWFinder v2 just launched!

We were really impressed of the success of KWFinder (KWF) almost immediately after its launch. We got a ton of feedback and most of them was positive. As the number of users grew and we experienced several technical difficulties we decided to completely rewrite the core of the application. After about one month after launching the first version, we are happy to introduce the new version of KWFinder. Although it seems to be almost the same as the previous one, we made several big improvements there.

» 3x faster results delivery

We were able to speed up retrieving keyword results even faster. According our testing it works about 3 times faster than previously.

» 8x more long tail keyword ideas

Number of retrieved keyword ideas has been increased from 100 to 800. Furthermore, we provide more accurate metrics for keyword PPC competition in a range 0 – 100.

» Integrated social metrics

According multiple studies social metrics are very important factors in Google ranking. Because of this we decided to add number of Facebook likes, Twitter mentions and Google+ to the websites’ statistics retrieved from Google SERP.

» Localised results

Many of our users are outside US. Now they are able to retrieve localised results from KWF. It means, we are able to provide long tail ideas in multiple languages ans Google SERP results are optimised for multiple locations.

» More robust architecture

The biggest change is not very visible. We worked really hard to make our tool more scalable. Because of a big growth, we and many of our users experienced issues during running the first version. Now we are able to serve much more request without any problem.

There are still many other ideas in our TODO list we will implement in the next weeks. So stay tuned and if you have any suggestion how to make KWF even better, feel free to let us know at info@kwfinder.com.