using data science for SEO

How to use your data science knowledge for SEO

Note: This article has been archived. It means it is still available, but no longer updated, so the information may be outdated.

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Working on the best possible SEO is a process which requires patients to witness the results of the marketing strategy.

Reaching high rankings is the main goal of SEO. However, the unpredictability of Google’s algorithm can turn the optimization into the cat-and-mouse game. This means that you can’t know if SEO is going to work, but you can make sure that the odds are in your favor.

But the development of data science raise the ante and provided perfect tool to improve the SEO and implement a successful marketing campaign. By using the valuable information extracted through the data analysis, SEO became even stronger.

Choose the analytics tools

The first step in using data science to boost your SEO is to choose how you’ll insert your data. There are several analytics tools which can help you make more predictable and quantifiable SEO. Excel, although widely disliked, is still the best software to sort the information.

If you want to process the large sets of data try BigQuery. It’s one of the biggest analytics platforms which also happens to use Google Cloud Storage.

Google Analytics is the most popular when it comes assessing the SEO success. Google Search Console will help you stay in the Google search results, while Google Keyword Planner will help you find and identify keywords.

Go through your log files

There is no better way to create improved and more functional SEO than with data extracted from your server logs. These log files contain information on the behavior of each search engine crawler for your website. They also have the records of each visitor which is vital for in-depth SEO analysis.

Instead of going through the log files only at the sign of trouble, you should make it a routine and necessary operation to develop a stronger SEO campaign.

Log files can give insights into the structure of your website and show URLs which are not usually noticed by crawlers. This will show you which page on your website Google is indexing and which it doesn’t.

Find the variables

By identifying dependent and independent variables you’ll be able to support other marketing channels with SEO so you can have a better influence over marketing strategies. Dependent variables center on the independent ones, meaning that if you choose the right questions you will get the answers you need.

If you find a way to implement the relationship between these two mentioned types of variables as a measure of how effective different strategies are, then the marketing impact will be at its maximum.

Every marketing campaign should be prepared, planned and realized based on the consumers’ needs. Identifying the technical issues your website experiences will help you get rid of leaks and point search engine crawlers to the right direction.

Your visitors will not be annoyed by unloaded pages and response errors. They are proven to chase the audience away and test their patience.

Gather the right data

To be able to influence the target audience you have to not only collect data but make sure that you gather the right one. Hiring companies like Webdel can be a right move if you want to do this activity in the correct and satisfactory manner.

Never neglect the importance of precision and exactness when it comes to analytics. This way, you’ll be able to reach wanted results through the data you gathered. Due to a large amount of data, you must master the way to analyze it and thus boost your strategies.

To validate the data, use several tools and avoid focusing on only one validation source. Additionally, concentrate on the story and not the statistics. Raw data won’t show you how to take action, but rather you will have to be familiar with behaviors behind those numbers.

Since there’s always the possibility of human error, make sure that you have several persons analyzing your data. All this shows that the biggest problem data analysis has is the inaccuracy. Focus on preventing that and compensate for the weaknesses.

Decide which data is crucial

Having an abundance of data is commendable and may appear encouraging. But if your marketers are unable to identify the crucial data necessary to achieve business goals, then your activities are for naught.

So before anything else, define your business goals and make sure that everyone involved understands them. This will help you analyze the right metrics.

Another important aspect is to perform the customer segmentation which will provide an opportunity to target the specific people. Also, don’t forget that the main goal of any business is the profit so concentrate on conversions. They will help you measure your profitability.

In the end, find out which web traffic sources drive visitors to your website in any form. This way you will have more data on the web traffic, and also find out how the users come to your site. With this information, you can attract more consumers and optimize your marketing strategy.


Instead of presuming what data would be good and appropriate for SEO of your website, use data science to obtain the fresh, accurate and useful information.

But bear in mind that all that vast quantity of data worthless if you don’t know how to identify the right one and use it.