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Content Marketing: What should I write about?

It’s already too late to provide good enough content in the world of content marketing. Nobody is interested in good enough blog posts, infographics or product pages. “How to…” and “XX tips how to…” articles are still popular, however, people get bored of reading recycled content.

It’s nothing new that almost each marketing channel performs best at the beginning of its life cycle. I’m sure you have read the “Purple cow” written by Seth Godin.

So what’s the deal? We should provide something different. Something more valuable and compelling.

There’s an article I once read. I guess it was Neil Patel’s blog. He picked the following criteria for quality content:

  • Unique
  • Up-to-date
  • Valuable

It can be tricky to create content meeting all three criteria, couldn’t be?

We were in the same position here at Mangools, and we still are at some moments. It’s natural. The biggest issue these days is probably the uniqueness of content. Google search results are full of countless tricks & tips on how to do effective content marketing.

There are hundreds of bloggers, thought leaders and professionals writing solid content every day. To be honest, everybody creates content. Sometimes, it looks like it’s all been said and done.

But then, we realized how to cope with it. We found the way.

Let’s write about what we do!

Is it unique?

Yes, absolutely. Apparently, no one writes about how we do things, how we execute campaigns or how we fail at certain tasks. It’s internal information about Mangools “family”, yet perfect for writing unique content.

Is it up-to-date?

If you publish regularly, it will be.

Is it valuable?

It definitely should be but nothing comes for free. Insider info is great. People are curious to see behind the curtain. On the other hand, you should write about facts that are valuable for your readers. Readers aren’t interested in what coffee you drink. Unless you’re a pop-star.

Unveil some of your know-how. Perhaps, a piece of well-chosen sensitive stuff will do the job. It’s your decision.

Would you read the content you wrote?

The more valuable content you provide, the more readers you gain.

What if I’m not successful enough to write this kind of stories?

No worries. Be honest, write how you tried to acquire your first big customer, what are your plans, how you learnt to increase productivity or how you failed.

Failure stories are perfect! They show how transparent you are. On top of that, they are vaulable for startupers. Success isn’t the only topic. Stand out of the crowd!

Does it work?

Choosing this path of content marketing is more trustworthy and authentic than the old-fashioned conventional content creation. Furthermore, it helps to build a wider audience and an honest relationship with readers.

There are several companies using this approach. For example Buffer or GrooveHQ. Buffer is one of the most open companies in this manner. The truth is that majority of people recognize these companies thanks to content they produce.


We’re at the beginning of this journey and engagement from these blog posts is great so far. We have published just a few of them, so more are definitely to come.