8 new features in KWFinder you can’t miss

It’s been more than a year since our last big KWFinder update. Prepare for the good news again. We are introducing another one! Thanks to you, our customers, and, your feedback, we were able to incorporate many new features and improvements. Let’s take a look!

So, what is new in KWFinder?

1. Infrastructure

The biggest improvement. Though, being not so visible, it’s extremely important. We have completely changed our infrastructure and the way we store the data.

Now, we are able ta cache the data in a more sophisticated way and provide the metrics immediately. We’re talking mainly about the keyword SEO difficulty without a need of making additional requests.

2. Imports

Do you have your own list of keywords and want to check them all at once? No problem. Now you can import the list of keywords from a CSV file and you will immediately get the statistics of all of those keywords.

3. More granular locations

What about “pizza in NYC”? The previous version allowed you to target the searches only to countries. Now, you can search even by regions and cities!

4. New metrics

We have removed several dead metrics, like Google PageRank or Twitter shares. Furthermore, Majestic SEO metrics were replaced by Moz metrics, so now we are able to take into account factors like domain authority in the computation of keyword difficulty and much more.

We have developed a new metric for you! “Estimated visits”, which is an approximation of monthly visits for the chosen keyword and exact SERP position.

5. More accurate Keyword SEO Difficulty

Thanks to switching to the new metrics, we can provide a lot more accurate keyword SEO difficulty.

6. Search volumes for months

We have added new chart which shows the amount of searches per last 12 months. Unlike the trends chart, this one shows the real (absolute) amount of searches.

7. Improved filtering options

Many of you requested more sophisticated filtering. So, here you are.

8. New user interface

We paid much attention to delivering highly user-friendly and responsive UI. Yes, KWFinder is usable on your tablet now.


Probably the only thing, which is still the same, is the price 🙂 We have also a bunch of other ideas in our TO DO list. They will be incorporated over time.

What do you think about new KWFinder features? Leave us your comment. Any feedback and suggestions are highly appreciated.