ignore seo myths 2017

5 SEO myths you should ignore in 2017

A dynamic field, such as SEO keeps changing all the time in such a way that it is rather difficult to keep track. Google keeps everyone on their toes with improvements to their algorithm, such as the major Penguin update from September 2016, which represents a clear break towards rewarding high-quality websites in search results.

With the removal of AdWords to the right of SERPs for desktops, the implementation of a maximum of four ads on top of organic search results, SEO agencies have started to focus more on producing high-quality content, rather than investing heavily in link-building and keywords.

Due to the ever-changing environment, many SEO specialists often pick up on anachronistic, archaic or simply wrong ideas about how SEO works today. Particularly for that reason, here are some SEO myths that need to be busted for the overall health of the internet.

seo myths keywords

Keywords, that’s all you need to know

Keyword density, adding the “right” keyword, these approaches are all to be forgotten, and as soon as possible. In the days of yore, it was possible to trick the search engine algorithm by cramming keywords into impotent content, thus your ipsum-lorem inspired SEO strategy would launch you higher.

After Google’s Panda update, which particularly takes a shot at this kind of low-quality, keyword crammed content, this practice has simply become hampering. Whoever is still using this approach must be having a pretty difficult time trying to catch a break in their crumbling SEO strategy.

Mind you, this does not mean that keywords are out, au contraire, keywords still play a role in optimization, but now the focal point is relevance and content quality. Plus, this is getting even easier with keyword software by Mangools which allows you to find those niches for your long tails which the competition still has not managed to get to.

seo myths serps

SEO is all about being #1

When you give your hard earned cash to an SEO agency, you want to see your webpage be first in the SERP ranking or you will bust. Wrong. SEO plays a role in rankings, but that should not be your first goal. SEO is often not about taking the easy route, but creating a foundation on which you will build.

The general idea of any good SEO strategy should be to increase organic traffic, create engagement with the audience and make those much-needed conversions, which does not happen if you just focus on getting that spot in the rankings. Play it smart and:

  • Formulate a campaign. Do you want more engagement or more conversions? Maybe just getting customers to see your product? Establish benchmarks for success.
  • Find a buyer. Create the ideal customer persona through Google Analytics, crunch those numbers, come up with as much as possible about your audience.
  • Track those keywords. Analyze keywords that your audience uses in every stage of their purchasing process and adapt. Through that, you will find new ways to optimize your landing page and target content even better. A great tool by Mangools, named SERPChecker can really give you an edge in funneling data from the competition and fighting for those rankings weaponized.
seo myths social media

Social media is a world of its’ own

Again, wrong. Even though you do not see your social media traffic as a factor in SERP ranking, it has an important role in shaping your online presence. The reason for this is simple. With the ever-increasing use of social media, this resource, especially likes, shares, the image of authority that you are able to build across platforms can and does increase your visibility.

This is not guaranteed, but social media marketing, for example using Facebook advertising in particular, can help you in this, because it can act in a complementary fashion with search engine optimization.

seo myths seo is dead

SEO is dead, just get great content and rule

There is a common misconception in this regard that needs to be clarified. Having top quality content is, of course, super important with these latest Google updates, but promoting it, as well as optimizing it is incredibly important as well. How would you reach your audience in any other way?

Furthermore, even if you optimize your content, but your website cannot communicate well with search engine crawlers, your fantastic content will remain unknown to a wider audience.

Content might be king, but promoting it gives it royal powers.

seo myths link build google

If you link build, Google will order a hit on you

If you look at Google’s webmaster quality guidelines, it is explicitly stated that any link which attempts to manipulate PageRank, or a site’s ranking may be considered a violation of those same guidelines. Furthermore, even people like Google’s John Mueller hinted more times than one at the same thing. But, everyone is doing it, right?

The fact of the matter is, link building is alive and well, and will continue to be one of the main ways of driving traffic and increasing a site’s presence. The best way of building links in 2016 was for sure linking content through guest posting or promotion. When you decide on this, just make sure you aim for great links from reputable sources, as good links always remain key for success in this regard.