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What is website downtime & how it affects SEO?

2 months ago
Daniel Polacek

Imagine that you wake up one morning, take a sip of your delicious coffee, and open your laptop to take… Read More

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How to check website rankings?

Checking the ranking of your website in Google Search is a necessary part of an SEO routine. If you do… Read More

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How to change location on Google?

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What is local keyword research (and how to perform one)?

Local keyword research is a crucial part of SEO for any business that offers physical products or services in a… Read More

5 months ago
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What is SERP analysis and how does it boost your keyword research?

Modern SEO is more than just keywords, backlinks, and technical stuff. It requires a deeper understanding of the search engine,… Read More

8 months ago
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What is keyword mapping and why you should never skip it?

When you are starting a website, you might feel a little bit lost about how it should be structured. What… Read More

10 months ago
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What are featured snippets (and how to win them for your website)?

Getting to the number 1 spot of Google’s organic search results is a constant uphill battle. But just because it’s… Read More

11 months ago
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12 easy SEO quick wins you should implement immediately

Let’s face it - SEO is not always easy. With so many aspects that you have to keep in mind,… Read More

11 months ago
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What it really means to create high-quality content for Google

At this point, we all know content is king. But what does it mean exactly? Longer posts? Bigger words for… Read More

12 months ago
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What is a canonical tag (and how to use it)?

What is a canonical tag? A canonical tag (or rel=canonical) is a small piece of HTML code that helps search… Read More

1 year ago