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At Mangools Blog, we accept guest posts, so if you are interested in writing an article about SEO, do not hesitate to contact us.

Are you looking for a guest blogging opportunity? Check out our guest post guidelines and write for us!

What can you get by writing an article for us?

  • your article will be posted on our blog and we will be happy to share it on our social profiles and in our monthly newsletter sent to thousands of subscribers
  • you can place 2 do-follow links to your website/blog (one in the text and one in the author bio box)
  • eternal glory 😉

Guest post guidelines

As we receive a lot of guest post outreach emails, we decided to create the guidelines to make the whole process easier for both you and us.

We accept only high-quality guest posts that comply with our guidelines.

1. Unique content

Your content has to be unique. Not only in terms of “duplicate content” (that goes without saying), the article should cover something not found on hundreds of other SEO blogs, or at least look at the familiar topic from a new point of view.

We prefer these types of content:

  1. Step-by-step guides – a how-to post written in a beginner-friendly way
  2. Case studies – your own research or analysis based on real data
  3. Evergreen educational content – a post explaining some SEO notion with examples and useful tips

2. Added value

Our readers love well-structured, useful and actionable content. Use real examples, case studies, researched data, charts and graphics whenever possible. That is what distinguishes a quality guest post from a “random bunch of text” submission, whose only purpose is to get a quick backlink.

Please keep in mind that Mangools is a set of 5 SEO tools so we would like to avoid promoting the tools of our direct competitors in the posts.

3. Proper optimization

Don’t forget to do at least a basic keyword research of the topic and optimize the post accordingly, including the usage of the appropriate headings. All in all, the better is the post, the more authoritative will be the link to your website in the long run.

4. Links

Make sure to back up your claims by relevant links. One of the in-text links may point to your website/blog, however, it must be relevant and natural, not an explicit promo. Please remember that we may modify the anchor text if it doesn’t comply with this.

If possible, include at least one internal link to one of our blog posts.

5. Images

You don’t have to create a featured image for the article, we will create one once we accept your article. However, we strongly recommend using relevant images in the text – screenshots, illustrations, graphs, etc. Please avoid stock photos.

If you don’t have resources to create interesting visuals, let us know and we can help you with that.

6. Article length

Although quality is more important for us than quantity, in general, the guest post should have at least 1500 words.


  • the topic has to be unique
  • use real examples, case studies, researched data
  • do keyword research and optimize the text accordingly
  • link to relevant external sources
  • use interesting images – charts, screenshots, illustrations…
  • write at least 1500 words

Some examples of guest posts on our blog

Please check the following articles to see what kind of guest posts we published in the past. Notice the actionable tips and illustrative screenshots they used.

How to submit your article?

Contact us and suggest the topics you could write about (don’t forget to add some bullet points so that we have a basic overview what the article would be about).

If we like your suggestions, we will contact you and let you know which topic would be interesting for us. After that, you may start writing the article.

Please note: If the guest post doesn’t comply with our guidelines or it doesn’t meet our quality standards, we may not publish it.

If you already have an article and want to give it a shot, you can send it to us directly. Once you send us the article, we will review it and inform you whether we accept it or not.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to your guest post submissions! 🙂

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Besides quality guest bloggers, we are looking for long-term partners who would contribute to our SEO blog on a regular basis (the frequency is up to you).

We are open to various kinds of cooperation, including paid posts. Just let us know if you feel you might be the right person for us!