SEO Academy for beginners part 8: SEO test

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We hope you enjoyed the SEO Academy for beginners as much as we did! We’ve come to an end of the series. For the final part, we’ve prepared something special.

Now you can test the knowledge you’ve gained during the last three months in the following SEO test. If you successfully pass the quiz, you’ll get the mangools SEO Academy for beginners certificate of completion.

We’ve made questions based on information from each part of the series. Let’s dig into what you’ve learnt and test your skills.

Fingers crossed!

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You have to answer all the questions.

1. What is SEO?

2. What is off-page SEO?

3. White-hat SEO is:

4. What is website crawling?

5. What type of search query is “How to prepare for a test”?

6. Are meta keywords still important for improving SEO?

7. Is using multimedia good for increasing user engagement?

8. Where would you start looking for errors of your website presence in Google search?

9. Does Google penalize websites that aren’t mobile-friendly?

10. What do you think about this statement? Unique content doesn’t need SEO and content marketers don’t need to optimize.

11. How can we lose valuable content when creating infographics?

12. Adding as many popular keywords as possible …

13. Why should we use long tail keywords?

14. What is a do follow link?

15. Which of these statements is true?

16. UX and SEO are two separate players so their synergy wouldn’t bring any positive results.

17. How can we measure UX?

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  • Rayhanul Islam Niloy

    Wow. It’s really so much interesting. I am working from max 3 hours but at first I get a Certificate from here. Mainly, I am a SEO Expert & Web Developer. Also I am a Textile Engineer in GMT sector.
    Thanks Everybody.

  • Lokman Hossain

    ALHAMDULLILAH !! another SEO certificate in my basket.


    • Hi Lokman, congratulations! Don’t forget to tag us on twitter or facebook when sharing your success. 🙂

  • toufiq rayhan

    Hi i’m Toufiq Rayhan. I a’m very happy to pass here
    Thanx mangools

  • Kiran Reddy

    I am very Thankfull to Mangools team For Receiving Certificate 👍

  • Sazid Kazi

    Thnks a lot Mangools team for providing a great free course. 🙂

    • Hi Sazid. You’re welcome. We’re happy you like the SEO Academy 🙂

  • Aayush Tayal

    Thank you mangools team for the certificate.

    • You’re welcome. Congrats to your certificate 🙂

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  • I wonder which penalty does Google give for non-mobile friendly site? The “Mobigeddon” update was to give mobile friendly site a boost in serp. But not penalty to the others. Also Google is planning for mobile first indexing which is not released yet.
    And I’m a little confused about the question 11. (about infographic). Cause most of the time we see infographic as picture. Even expert like Neil Patel publish image infographic. would you please give us some insights?

    • Hello Jubaer. Well, it’s quite a historical thing now. To make it simple, your rankings are going to be a lot worse without mobile-friendly sites. Having a site that isn’t mobile-friendly in these days? I can’t really imagine that. When it comes to mobile-first index, it’s a different thing, it’s a separate index.
      Regarding the infographic. Yes, it’s perfectly fine to upload infographic as image. But I guess even Neil Pates included the most important content from it in the written part of his post and that’s what the question is all about 🙂

  • One of the best course i have ever enrolled. Thanks for creating this course and providing me certificate. It really helped me out to understand basics of SEO.

    • Hello Abdul,

      That’s exactly why we started with the course so it’s really great to hear you’ve understood the basics and won the certificate. Fingers crossed with all your future SEO efforts 🙂


  • This was a fun way to test basic SEO knowledge. Thanks very much. The KWFinder tool is also really great and I enjoy using it.

    • Hi Rob,

      That’s great! I’m happy to hear that, thank you for your feedback!