How to maximize conversions with remarketing lists

Boost your AdWords with remarketing lists that sell and maximize your conversions. This is the second part of our blog post dedicated to tricks & ideas for getting the best of remarketing campaigns.

Two weeks ago, we published “How to maximize conversions in AdWords remarketing” blog post dealing with best practices and useful tips on how to launch successful campaigns to constantly generate high sales.

In the same article, we mentioned, we will continue with the topic. If you’re interested in how to set up effective remarketing lists based on the real behavior of visitors, you are at the right place.

Google AdWords remarketing lists case study

As we previously introduced the whole idea of these campaigns, we’ll dive right into the main topic.

Creating a list of users who haven’t signed up/registered

Let’s start with a list in order to launch a campaign targeted to anyone who visited our website but hasn’t signed up for any reason. Indeed, this is a basic scenario. There are possibilities to filter these users by adding other rules such as “time spent on the website” or “number of visited pages”.

1. We created a new remarketing list.

adwords remarketing lists

Screenshot 1: Creating new remarketing lists.

2. Then, we selected who to add to the list and set up the rules.

Based on the objective of the list, we wrote down all our website domains as the first rule.

remarketing lists setting

Screenshot 2: Adjusting the remarketing lists.

To identify the users who haven’t signed-up, we needed to classify the final URL of the sign-up process.

Double-check before using the URL address. These are common examples:

The “Membership status” depends on your business needs. It’s recommended to choose a duration related to the length of time that you expect your ads to be relevant to the user.

remarketing lists rules

Screenshot 3: Setting the rules of remarketing lists.

3. We saved the list and waited for it to get updated.

Creating a list of already registered users who haven’t subscribed

Mangools is a SaaS business. We offer a free plan and paid plans. By setting up remarketing campaigns, we can target them with specific offers.

The process is identical to the previous type of the lists. The only difference was a different second rule as we needed to specify the final URL of a successful purchase.

Creating a list of users who came from specific sources

These lists are superb when we plan to target selected sources of traffic or leads with personalized offers. A common example is people who came to our website from social networks. Furthermore, we can illustrate how to create a remarketing list in Google Analytics.

1. We went to the “Admin” menu in Google Analytics and clicked on the “Audience definition” under the wished “Property”.

google analytics remarketing lists

Screenshot 4: Setting up remarketing lists in Google Analytics.

2. Then, we chose our “View” and “Destination account” and clicked on “Create New”.

remarketing list in google adwords

Screenshot 5: Creating remarketing lists in Google Adwords.

3. We clicked on “Conditions” in the pop-up window.

The final part was to select “Source” or “Source / Medium” containing,,, etc. Then, we hit the “Apply” button, set the “membership duration”, and the name of the list.

source based remarketing lists

Screenshot 6: How to set conditions for source based remarketing lists.

Concluding tips:

If you haven’t created remarketing lists in Google AdWords, you will need to check whether there’s Google AdWords remarketing tag on your website. Otherwise, the lists won’t be updated.

Before creating remarketing lists in Google Analytics, you need to set this function up. Besides that, don’t forget to link your Analytics with AdWords in case you haven’t yet.

Keep in mind that the size of a list necessarily depends on the website traffic and the list rules. Don’t be surprised if you notice a few users in the list.

Think wisely, generate various lists, and create sophisticated possibilities in Google Analytics. This way, the AdWords remarketing campaigns can become the biggest deal when it comes to PPC advertising.

How about you? Will you try the same tactics to boost your sales in PPC advertising? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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